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Terms of site use


Article 1 Purpose


The purpose of these terms and conditions is to prescribe all matters related to Exon R&D Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") and its members.


Article 2 Definition of Terms


A member refers to a person who has registered as a member by agreeing to the company's terms and conditions and providing information.


Article 3 Effect of Terms and Conditions and Changes


1. These terms and conditions take effect by announcing them online on the company's website. Members who agree to the terms and conditions and sign up for membership will apply the terms and conditions from the time they agree, and if there is a change in the terms and conditions, the changed terms and conditions will apply from the effective date.


2. If deemed necessary, the company may amend the terms and conditions to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws. If the terms and conditions are revised, the contents of the revised terms and conditions, the reasons for the revision, and the effective date will be specified and announced on the first page of the website or on the page linked to the first page for more than 7 days before the effective date. However, if the terms and conditions are changed against the member, they shall be posted on the company's website with a grace period of at least 30 days.


3. Members have the right to reject the amended terms and conditions. If you continue to use the service without expressing your refusal within seven days of the effective date of the changed terms and conditions, you shall be deemed to have agreed to change the terms and conditions.



Article 4 Rules other than Terms and Conditions


1. If necessary, the company may set terms and conditions for each service separately from these terms and conditions, and if the contents of these terms and conditions for each service conflict, the terms and conditions for each service shall be applied preferentially.

2. Matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions shall be subject to the terms and conditions of each service determined by the company and related laws or regulations.



Article 5 Membership Registration


1. Members apply for membership by filling out information in a certain form required by the company and expressing their consent to the terms and conditions, and are registered as members with the approval of the company.


2. A member must enter the user's real name and actual information when applying for subscription under paragraph (1). Any member who fails to comply with this shall not claim any rights and may be punished according to the relevant laws.


3. If you sign up through this site, you will be a member of all sites around the world operated by the company directly or in partnership at the same time.


4. Under the company's global integrated member management system, members can use a single ID and password to log in to any site in the world operated by the company directly or in partnership.


Article 6 Restrictions on Membership


1. If the company cannot afford the company's facilities or technical problems arise, or if it is necessary due to the company's circumstances, the company may withhold the membership until the cause is resolved.


2. In principle, the company approves membership if there are no business or technical problems. Provided, That in any of the following cases, the company does not arbitrarily approve membership or can deprive of membership qualification.


Where an application is made using another person's real name or in the name of another person
Where false information is entered or information necessary for the form requested by the company is not entered
Where an application is filed for the purpose of hindering or hindering public order or good customs
If you want to use the service for an unauthorized purpose
Where an application is made by a user whose contract of use has been terminated in violation of the terms and conditions or statutes
Where it is objectively judged that it is related to a crime
In case of violation of other relevant laws and regulations


3. If a person under the age of 14 applies for membership, the company can request parental consent and leave it on standby until parental consent is obtained.


4. The company cancels the membership registration if it deprives you of your membership. In this case, the member may be notified in advance to give an opportunity for clarification.


Article 7 Use and Protection of Personal Information


1. The company can receive member information and use this member information so that members can use the company's services efficiently.


2. The company strives to protect the personal information of its members as prescribed by relevant laws and regulations. Relevant laws and the company's personal information handling policy apply to the protection and use of member personal information.


3. The company cannot provide the member's personal information to a third party without the member's prior consent. Provided, That this shall not apply to any of the following cases.


When providing 'Domain Registrar Information (WHOIS)' inquiry service for domain names
Where requested by a state agency pursuant to relevant laws and regulations
Where a request is made by an investigative agency for the purpose of investigating a crime
Where it is necessary for information protection, such as confirmation of fraud, including violation of the terms and conditions of a member
Where the information of a member is used for business contact
In the case of sharing some information only on matters related to banking
Where it is provided in a form in which it is impossible to identify a specific member, as necessary for statistical preparation, public relations data, academic research, or market research


Article 8 Withdrawal of Membership


1. Members may request withdrawal from the company at any time, and the company processes the withdrawal of membership upon receipt of the request. However, if a member has a service in use by the company, the company will not process the withdrawal.


2. A member may request the withdrawal of a member after suspending or terminating the service used by the company, and in this case, the company immediately handles the withdrawal of the member.

Article 9 Notice to Members


1. If the company notifies the member, it can be the e-mail address provided by the member to the company.


2. The company may replace notification of members by announcing through the company's website bulletin board.

Article 10 Company Obligations


1. The Company shall do its best to provide continuous and stable services as prescribed by the Terms and Conditions.


2. The company establishes a security system to protect members' personal information and complies with the personal information handling policy.


3. The company does its best to maintain order in e-commerce through fair and sound operation.


4. The Company shall deal with the inconvenience and problems raised in the first place if it deems them justified. However, if it is difficult to process quickly, the reason and processing schedule will be notified.


Article 11 Obligations of Members


1. The member is responsible for managing the member ID and password.


2. Members must manage their IDs and passwords so that third parties cannot know them. The company is not responsible for the damage caused by the leakage of information due to the carelessness of the member.


3. When applying for membership or changing membership information, a member must fill out all matters with his/her true information based on facts, and cannot claim all rights related thereto if false or other person's information is provided.


4. Members shall comply with the provisions and notices of the terms and conditions and related laws and shall not interfere with the company's business, damage the company's reputation, or damage others.


5. A member shall immediately notify the company through the member information correction procedure when personal information such as address, contact number, and e-mail address is changed.


Article 12 Immunity


1. The company is not responsible for compensation in the following cases.


In the case of force majeure, such as wartime, casualties, natural disasters, or equivalent national emergencies
In the case of intention or negligence that falls under the reasons attributable to the member
In the case of a telecommunication service failure and a lack of facilities provided by other key telecommunication business operators under the Telecommunications Business Act
Where it is impossible to provide services due to unavoidable reasons due to the nature of telecommunication services
Where the suspension of services is notified in advance due to unavoidable reasons, such as facility repair, replacement, regular inspection, construction, etc.


2. The company is not responsible for damages caused by the member's failure to obtain the expected profit from the company's service provision or the selection or use of the potential value and service data accompanying the service.


3. The member is responsible for the leakage of the member's ID and password due to reasons attributable to the member, and the company is not responsible for anything.


4. The member is responsible for the problem caused by the member's failure to keep the member's phone number, e-mail, etc. and bank account information up-to-date, and the company is not responsible for anything. (e.g., notification of change of service contents, refund of service fee, etc.)


5. The Company is not responsible for any damages in connection with the use of services provided free of charge by the Company.


Article 13 Resolution and Jurisdiction of Disputes


1. Matters not prescribed in these terms and conditions or matters whose contents are unclear in interpretation shall be handled in consultation with each other in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.


2. In the event of a dispute between a member and the company, the court where the company's headquarters is located shall be the competent court.


[Additional provisions]


1. These terms and conditions will take effect on January 1, 2020.




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